Mycological Society

Mycological Society Creature for dance production, 'Traveller and Unraveller' 2011

This term I’ve been working on the ‘Mycological Society’ for the show ‘Traveller and Unraveller’. Here is a photo of one of the characters, modeled by the beautiful Lizzie West. The ‘Mycological Society’ live at the bottom of the Unraveller’s tree roots, rooting him to the earth and holding him down. The idea behind the colouring is that as he starts to break free from the roots the bring orange colour is revealed. We made the fungus heads so that they move with the dancers and so when they open up the fungus tilts revealing the bright colours. This worked beautifully alongside the prosthetics. We sculpted smaller fungus pieces for the face and made them in silicone so that we would be able to re-use them. The prosthetics are designed to take away certain features in order to make them look less human. On stage they are totally disguised until they start to move. Even then, as they keep their eyes closed people were confused as to if they were people or not which in itself was a triumph. These characters have been a pleasure to make, they never fail to make me smile even though it’s a make up i’ve had to do over and over again.

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