Live Peacock Body paint at Horseplay, Camden Proud Galleries February 2011

I set out with my newly finished Peacock Headdress to another Horseplay event to follow out a body paint on beautiful Lizzie West. This was, as it often is, a last minute idea but I was feeling up for a challenge to create something fun and colourful and use my new peacock. This is the peacock I painted earlier on in my blog which I then finished by making a cage and a fan of feathers. The fan can be opened and closed at the back which I think is a nice little feature.

I have recently bought an air brush so I took it along to Proud for a little test run. It is always a lot more difficult body painting in a live environment due to many factors. For example, lighting is often dark in a club setting, people want to talk to you a lot, your model is easily distracted by people so it can be hard to keep up the momentum as body painting is a very time consuming art. These along with other factors are some of the challenges working on a live body paint. However, I managed to get a surprising amount finished in the 5 hours alloted to the job. I was also very fortunate that Lauren Cahill came and helped me on the final couple of hours. It is a good idea having an assistant, body painting always takes a long time due to the amount of area you need to cover. Even if an assistant is there to fill in large areas of colour or do other time consuming jobs it’s always amazing having someone to help. Lauren was a brilliant help, even though she isn’t a make up artist she is confident and works quickly. Thank you!

I love body painting but it’s always an exhausting job for you and your model so I’d like to say a special thank you to Lizzie West for her patience while we worked away making her into a beautiful peacock creation.

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