Mermaid Creatures

Today I created this make-up on Delia Muir, an actress I’ve worked with for a few years now from Many Roots Theatre Company. I made a cap-plastic bald cap and imbedded layers of colour, sequins and fish scales that I made from painted acetate. I also made the cheek prosthetics and gills in gelatin. I didn’t have a huge amount of time to prepare or an excess of materials for this make up, however, I think it turned out nicely. I enjoyed playing around with colouring and mixing materials in the preparation time. Unfortunately we were restricted on the day and only had an hour to shoot the model otherwise I’d have loved to do some photographs on location and maybe have completed a full body paint. This has got me interested in the possibility of extending this theme as I have lots of other ideas for aquatic/human creatures. This one in particular was based on tropical fish so is quite a pretty, colourful fish. The photos shown here are pictures I took after the shoot. I’ll put up the photos from the photo shoot soon, which were taken by Ben Smith photographer for Just Another Magazine (or JAM). 


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