A Bit ‘Bitey’!

Vampire Teeth- a bit 'bitey'

I haven’t posted for a LONG time as I’ve been traveling in South America for 3 months and also working on a few films which I can’t tell you anything about. So…

After working on Tim Burtons new film ‘Dark Shadows’ I was inspired to get making some vampire teeth in preparation for Halloween. These (above) modeled on my own teeth are the result of my first pair of dentures. I’ll be doing a proper photo shoot with them soon but this is just to give you an idea of what I came up with. I was really lucky as the fantastic prosthetic make-up artist, Chris Gallaher was working on the film and has worked making teeth (eyes, prosthetics… and everything else) for 20 years or something and makes the most amazing teeth (probably) in the business. So I got a few hints and tips from him (while spying on him work) which is definitely the key to these teeth actually looking like teeth. If you don’t know, make-up artists in the UK don’t really make dentures professionally due to the rather strict Health and Safety regulations and the risk of ripping someone else’s teeth out. So it’s not the most common skill to have, you could say it might have been a waste of time. However, I think it was great to learn as much and as many skills as you can and most importantly it was A LOT of fun making myself some fangs!

As a test run I wore my teeth to the dentist to see if they looked convincing. To my pleasure and my dentists shock he was impressed, horray! I have also been working on a pair of werewolf teeth, although you wont see them for a while as I still need to do the werewolf make up to go along with it.

Now I’m back in the country I’ll be working really hard on new projects so hopefully will have lots to show you soon! Yey!

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