Fuchsia Groan

Fuchsia Groan, the young daughter of Lord Sepulchrave the 76th Earl of Gormenghast was my favorite character in Mervyn Peake’s ‘Gormenghast’ trilogy. So for my Final Major Project at University I chose to design and create her character the way I imagine her in the books. This beautiful character is also meant to look quite ‘odd’ so I wanted her features to look very uneven, almost twisted. She is wearing four silicone prosthetic pieces, a nose, two mouth pieces and a giant eye/cheek piece. She is also wearing a wig with moving pieces. Fuchsia sits in her secret rooms drawing all over the walls but I wanted this to be incorporated into her hair. In one part of the text her hair is described as ‘ink’ so not only did I want her hair to resemble ink but I also wanted this ink to drip and smudge onto her skin.

This is definitely a character I want to work on more in the future as I nearly killed myself trying to complete the wig, prosthetics, designs and everything else in four weeks. A note to all students in their final year- don’t do this to yourself as you could end up with eye strain, migraines, allergic reactions and repetitive strain injury which just makes your deadline even more stressful! A big thanks to Jess Henwick, a beautiful, patient and lovely model, Andreea Veronica Virna, a fantastic photographer, Rosa Hibbert-Keene for making the costume and my mum for all the support and ink splattering all over the costume!

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