Body Painting with Happy Slap Boutique at Rumpus, London

Happy Slap Boutique is a company I have been developing over the past 4 years. We use events and festivals as a performance space to create unique performances, live art, circus and music. Our overall goal is to create a party full of surprises and exciting visual performances fusing together the talents of allĀ our creative circus performers, dancers, make-up artists, DJs and other performers and artists.

This was our first time creating our own space at Rumpus, a night held at Islington Metal Works. The night was fantastic, a war against hybrid creatures (the free tail party) vs. humans. We had Aurora Starr (SurefireĀ Circus Theatre) performing ariel hoop and eating fire, Mr Balls (Surefire Circus Theatre) juggling along with Cameron Stradeski. Me (Grace McComisky), Stephen Murphy and Lauren Cahill body painted the beautiful girls (Olivia Brown and Lizzie West) for the first few hours of the night and then the lizard hybrids performed an enchanting slow dance to the tunes of our resident DJ Ocelus.

More photos can be found on our Face book page, Happy Slap Boutique


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