Body Painting at Boom Town Fair 2012

Body Painting by Kylie Elvis Smoulianoff and Grace McComisky and Artwork by Joe Furlonger

On the Sunday of Boom Town Fair we came together to create a body painting/artwork using inspiration from the festival fusing live art with performance. The main part of the festival is made up of a run down old town full of small and large venues such as ‘The Body Shop’ where you go for body enhancements, a jungle rave which you enter through an old caravan, the ‘Macabre Theatre’, and a whole manner of bizarre, creative and inspiring works of art and performance. The festival itself is well known as being a ‘Green’ festival and they make a huge effort to ensure that there is the least negative impact on the environment which juxtaposes with the visual impact created in the decor of the town. We wanted to show the pollution and filth of towns and festivals juxtaposed with the beautiful country setting it’s all in all in one picture and also looked at the human body and how all of this takes it’s toll.

Artwork was created by the very talented Joe Furlonger and body painting was created by Kylie Elvis Smoulianoff and myself. All working at Happy Slap Boutique.

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