I made these goblins for our new Company Civilised Mess. We specialise in ‘theatre for hire’ and produce characters with a strong visual element. When we first started thinking about creating Civilised Mess, we discussed that we wanted to use makeup and prosthetics as an integral part of creating realistic characters you wouldn’t normally be able to see outside of the movies. These characters would not only look real but our actors would embody the physicality of whatever character or creature they got transformed in to and interact with guests in character throughout an event.

I started to sculpt the goblins on life casts (plaster copies) of the actors. Each Goblin is moulded to the actors face so that it can move realistically when the actor makes expressions under the prosthetic. When the Goblins are sculpted they then get moulded and eventually a silicone copy of the sculpture is made which can be painted and applied to the actors face. The whole process from start to finish takes approximately a month per goblin.

If you are interested in booking our goblins for your event please visit www.civilisedmess.co.uk/
IMG_02981-300x225Goblins for Civilised Mess

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