Live Body painting!

The other week I did this body paint/make-up at Horseplay in Camden Proud Galleries. It’s always fun doing body painting in a live environment but incredibly stressful. The lighting was terrible, distractions everywhere. There are pros and cons to working in this environment. The aim was to work freely, loosely basing my painting on a few Klimt images I brought along but mostly working with the inspiration around me from my environment and the other things going on. I think this kind of project is interesting as it often spontaneity gives you something better than when you’ve planned a make up. In this case I wasn’t entirely happy with the outcome. I felt stressed and I found it very difficult to concentrate and focus on the make up. It is a difficult skill learning to do fantastic, creative work in these types of environments. Saying that Lizzie looks stunning as usual!!! I also like the gold/coper leaf used especially on the head.